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No need to do the work that you cannot do - No, Mamta Banerjee never made this statement for ISRO

Mamta Banerjee never said to ISRO scientists that there is no need to do the work that you can't do. However, she did mock Chandrayan 2 mission by stating that the entire mission was planned by the government to divert the attention of...

Fake Twitter accounts of ISRO Chief K Sivan floods Twitter

Several fake accounts of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and it's head Kailasavadivoo Sivan( K. Sivan) have been created on social media after the buzz of Chandrayaan 2.

The wire and Abhishar Sharma falsely claimed that AAJ Tak ran a show titled - Ab Chand Modi Ki Mutthi Me

The wire and Abhishar Sharma falsely claimed that AAJ Tak ran a show titled - Ab Chand Modi Ki Mutthi Me. They fell for a photoshopped picture.

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In this episode we have covered various fake news going viral in the last few weeks.

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Should Uniform Civil Code be implemented throughout the country

Article 44 of the Directive Principles in the Constitution says the “State shall endeavor to provide for its citizens a uniform civil code (UCC) throughout the territory of India.”

The Uniform Civil Code (UCC) Read More

Part 1: Demolishing the false claims and lies of Ram Puniyani about temple destruction by Islamic invaders

This article exposes the lies and factual mistake committed by Ram Puniyani in his lecture about temple demolition by Muslim invaders. We have found that most of his videos are factually incorrect and more often than not he quotes unreliable so...

Minorities in India bear the brunt of post-election hate crimes: An attempt of fake narrative by the ecosystem

A fact check of narrative showing how the minority community is facing the brunt of post-election hate crimes in India.

Fact Check: Slogans calling to shoot RSS workers raised in a protest rally against the alleged lynching of Tabrez Ansari

The video shared by Sudarshan News is old and the audio has been altered to show the crowd calling to shoot RSS workers. However, in an SDPI Rally, Crowd had indeed shouted slogans to shoot RSS workers.

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